The Proven Leader in
Flexible Diaphragm Couplings

Since 1949, our Power Transmission Systems business has set the standard for designing, developing, and manufacturing diaphragm couplings to meet the harshest requirements in Aerospace, Marine, and Industrial markets. In both new and retrofit application, our innovative products are the industry's most trusted diaphragm couplings.

Why Goodrich Couplings?

Industry Experience

For more than 50 years, Goodrich couplings have been used in petrochemical, power generation, marine and other applications. We have refined our reliable diaphragm technology through rigorous performance analysis and in-house testing.

  • Performance verified by testing and finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Used in a wide variety of turbomachinery and other critical services
  • Optimized diaphragm design for reliability and safety

Certified Reliability

Our research and development is guided by high standards, decades of experience and close working relationships with our customers. We have produced diaphragm couplings for some of the world’s most demanding applications, giving us a distinct edge in coupling design, testing, research and development.

  • Designed and built to meet rigorous industry standards
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified
  • ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Low total system cost through enhanced reliability
  • Designed for infinite life using advanced analysis tools
  • Non-lubricated design, requiring no regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Repairs with full OEM warranty

Precision Balancing

Our standardized balance technique reduces errors associated with arbor balancing. Our couplings are balanced to API 671, ISO 1940 or other specified tolerances, as required.

  • Designed and built for balance repeatability
  • Minimum number of assembly joints
  • Match marked for repeatable assembly
  • Weight matched fasteners
  • Close-fitting bolts

Advanced Materials

Our couplings are produced using high-quality steel and are inspected to ensure high levels of reliability. They are available in either low alloy steel or corrosion resistant steel and can be coated, as needed, to perform in the harshest environments.

  • Diaphragms from AISI 4340, custom 455 or 15-5 PH steel
  • Tubes from AISI 4340 or AISI 4130 steel
  • Hubs and flanges from AISI 4340 forgings
  • Guards from AISI 4140, 4142 or 4340 steel
  • Alloy steel diaphragms coated with SermeTel coating for superior corrosion resistance

Quality Products,
Optimal Configurations

With three standard configurations available: welded, bolted and reduced moment, as well as custom-designed solutions, our customers receive exactly what they need.

Welded Couplings

Our welded couplings are originally designed, lightweight, marine-style couplings with enhanced balance repeatability. They are manufactured with an electron beam welding process, resulting in a narrow weld zone that minimally impacts material strength and ensures high performance.

Lightweight | Simple design | Superior balance repeatability | Ideal for any application | Alloy or stainless steel

Bolted Couplings

Using the same diaphragm technology as our welded couplings, our bolted couplings offer equal performance at a lower cost. The bolted design reduces refurbishment costs by enabling the replacement of individual components when damaged.

Cost efficient | Component interchangeability | Alloy or stainless steel

Reduced Moment Couplings

Our reduced moment couplings are designed to be lightweight with a low overhung moment. The flexible diaphragm is machined into the hub, resulting in weight reduction, reduced vibration and an ability to operate at higher speeds.

High speed | Lightweight | Superior balance | Alloy or stainless steel

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our couplings can be custom designed to meet requirements of any application. From low torque, high speed applications to large, high torque applications, we can create a custom engineered solution for your project. Our range of experience includes:

  • Torques up to 14 million inch pounds
  • Speeds up to 50,000 rpm
  • Misalignments up to ½º angle and ½ inch axial

Large Gas Turbine

We have several load coupling designs for commonly used gas turbines for mechanical drive and generator drive applications. Our couplings handle extreme conditions, including high temperature, high misalignment and fully reversing torque loads that may be seen at startup.

Torque meter

Strain gage based torque meters and phase shift based torque meters are compatible with our couplings. Torque measuring systems can also be added to the couplings.

Redundant Drive

Using a redundant drive, our couplings can be designed to continue transmitting a torque load, even after failure of the flexible elements. This feature is commonly used in steam turbine and expander applications to protect the equipment train from overspeed and additional damage.

Electrical Insulation

We supply our couplings with fiberglass insulation to prevent stray currents from flowing through the coupling in electric motor and generator applications. This insulation is typically installed on the coupling hub and around the flange bolts.

Goodrich Coupling Services

Aftermarket Services

Goodrich provides spare parts to keep your couplings running for decades.

  • Spare couplings
  • Drop-in replacements
  • Component replacement
  • Catalog hardware

Engineering Support

Goodrich engineering is available to support your technical needs. We assist with coupling installation, assess situations that occur in service and provide analysis to support re-rating couplings for more demanding operating conditions.

Our single diaphragm coupling design enables straightforward analysis without any need to simplify the flexible element model for calculations. We conduct static and fatigue analyses using classical analysis as well as finite element methods. Modal analysis can be completed to verify critical speeds and axial natural frequency. Our stress analysis is backed by decades of diaphragm cycle testing.

Repair and MRO

We provide extensive inspection and refurbishment services. Upon arrival, each coupling is disassembled, tagged and visually inspected. The refurbishment procedure is tailored to ensure each coupling is returned to you with the performance and capability it had when originally manufactured.  Couplings are returned with the same full warranty as a newly manufactured coupling.

Rush Delivery Program

We understand that you may have an urgent need for a coupling to get back into service. That’s why we keep material on hand to produce most couplings on a rush basis. Contact us with your needs and we will provide you with a proposal for fast delivery.

Tools and Resources

We have a variety of tools and resources available at your fingertips. If we don’t have what you need, please contact us for additional support.

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Collins Aerospace, a unit of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.

Goodrich couplings are produced by Collins Aerospace in Rome, NY. We also produce couplings for helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft applications, and hydraulic units used on certain aircraft engines.

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